Obama Administration Suppressed FDA Warning About Mercury In Dental Fillings

The proposal, approved by top FDA officials in late 2011 and kept secret since, would have told dentists they should not use mercury fillings in cavities in pregnant women, nursing moms, children under 6 and people with mercury allergies, kidney diseases or neurological problems.  It also urged dentists to avoid using fillings that contain mercury compounds in any patient, where possible.

Lobbying against any changes is the American Dental Association which has a political action committee that donated almost $2.5 million to Congressional candidates from 2013 to 2014.

Read the rest, including a few case studies that suggest that the FDA is likely understating the problem.

Of course progressives want even more government involvement in health care since it’s such a “neutral party.”  Sure.  Funny how so many of them still vehemently defend “Obamacare,” a scheme first concocted and embraced by conservative Republicans.


7:38 pm on July 22, 2015