No Worries, It’s “Non-Essential”

Logan’s Roadhouse closed up with mass firings. Expect the rapid disintegration of “non-essential” business that, of course, provides essential jobs. These people, because they’ve been terminated, now have no access to temporary COBRA. Expect a house of cards on the retail and restaurant front, for starters.

Keep saying that it was all about “keeping grandpa safe,” folks. Then watch Dr. Zeke Emanual on MSNBC (yes, Rahm Emanual’s brother) and hear him say, from high up on his comfortable, well-paid throne, that folks and businesses must be kept locked up for 18 months.

The parent company that owns the Logan’s Roadhouse restaurant chain has closed all 261 of its locations and fired nearly all its 18,000 furloughed employees.

The Wall Street Journal reported CraftWorks Holdings, Inc, which also owns Old Chicago restaurants, also had terminated employee benefits, including health insurance, according to an internal memo.

Restaurant Business Online reported benefits ended March 31, with termination meaning former employees do not have access to COBRA insurance.

Workers were reportedly told that the restaurants may not reopen.


7:35 am on April 8, 2020