No Separation of Masonry and State

A friend sends along the full text of the silver plaque found in the cornerstone of the statehouse of Massachusetts, noting that its Masonic character was somehow missing from the news coverage:

This Corner Stone of a building
intended for the use of the Legislative
and Executive Branches of Government
of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
was laid by
His Excellency SAMUEL ADAMS, Esq
Governor of said Commonwealth
Assisted by the Most Worshipful PAUL REVERE
Grand Master
and the Right Worshipful William Scollay,
Deputy Grand Master,
the Grand Wardens and Bretheren
of the GRAND LODGE of Massachusetts
on the 4th day of JULY
An. Dom. 1795
A.L. 5795
Being the 20th anniversary of American Independence


The cornerstone of the US Capitol, and the White House, and who knows what else, were also laid in Masonic ceremonies. There is also the Masonic Bible, used in the inaugurations of Washington, Harding, Eisenhower, Clinton, and Bush I. Bush II wanted to use it, but was not able to do so.


2:36 pm on January 8, 2015