No Nobel, No Honorary Doctorate, and Now This

Last year, there was an online vote for induction into the Free Market Hall of Fame (indeed, the ballot is still online). One category was for “favorite freedom organization and think tank leader (present).” I won, but now, the induction has been cancelled.

BTW, here were the votes:

6. Manual F. Ayau (Universidad Francisco Maroquin) 2.5% 45
5. Muhammad Yunus (Grameen Bank) 6.2% 114
4. Robert Poole, Jr. (Reason Foundation) 9.3% 170
3. Edwin Feulner (Heritage Foundation) 9.6% 176
2. Edward Crane III (Cato Foundation) 19.7% 361
1. Lew Rockwell (Mises Institute) 47.3% 868

NB: you might wonder why Murray Rothbard did so poorly (5.8%) in the category of “your favorite free market academic economist (past).” That is because he was originally not listed, and then, when his vast number of write-in votes led to a change, Murray’s write-ins were not included in his total.


7:14 pm on July 8, 2009