No Advocacy Allowed

Writes Steve Seech:

Recently, while driving back from several days at an event in Las Vegas, NV, my friend and I stopped for a snack in Gallup, New Mexico, at a Pizza Hut restaurant right on the historic highway, Route 66. I brought my tablet computer in to avail myself of their wifi, and that’s when the fun began; Blocked, with the reason given that the site is an “advocacy group.” The huge gun site, Blocked; “weapons,” naturally. Seeing “advocacy group” caused me to wonder, what about the big party sites,, and You guessed it, those opened right up!

I guess the political parties are NOT advocacy groups, but a site that promotes liberty and peace, is. Pizza Hut knows best!

It’s the Hut’s premises, and their rules, of course, and the pizza was great, but I was still shaking my head and chuckling as we departed. Best wishes to you, your family, and everyone at LRC, in the new year.


8:26 am on December 29, 2014