Ninety Percent of Iraqi Christians Are Killed Or Have Fled

When George Bush, that wonderful Christian, decided to invade Iraq, Saint John Paul II warned him that it would cause “chaos.”

Bush brushed off the Pope, destroyed Iraq, opened wide the door to Pelosi and Obama, and then went into hiding.

He has never apologized to his fellow Christians, even though one Iraqi prelate, Patriarch Raphael Sako,  tells an indifferent world that Bush’s wars accomplished what Moslems hadn’t been able to do for 1400 years — destroy Christianity in the Middle East.

Now Iraqi Father Douglas Bazi tells Catholics gathered at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chaldean Catholic Church in Orangevale, California, that 1.8 million Iraqi Christians have been killed or driven from the country. Only some 200,000 are left.

Father Bazi himself was kidnapped and tortured by the Islamic State (the creation of which would have been impossible without President Bush’s enabling wars).

Political observers in both parties were amazed that, with a $100 million campaign fund and the entire establishment backing him, Jeb! couldn’t muster more than three percent of the vote. Even his brother’s diehard apocalyptic evangelicals abandoned him.

Why? Maybe they felt guilty. But George W. Bush apparently doesn’t — even his own brother repudiates him, but he will never, ever apologize.



2:37 pm on May 9, 2016

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