Your Next Reading Assignment

Tomorrow is the launch date of a great new book by Brion McClanahan entitled How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America.  I’ll be writing a review of it in the next couple of days, but in the meantime buy it, read it, tell others about it, and write about it.

When my own book on Hamilton, Hamilton’s Curse, was published my publicist at Random House wrote such a compelling press release that MSNBC immediately invited me on the “Morning Joe” television show.  They sat me down next to Patrick J. Buchanan who said to me, “Alexander Hamilton is my hero.”  It was all down hill from there.  At one point I attempted to interrupt the four barking dogs (Joe, Mika, Pat, and some guy from NY on satellite) to inform Pat that “you know, Hamilton was the original Ted Kennedy.”  He wasn’t impressed.

Brion McClanahan would agree with me, writing that “Hamilton was . . . the architect of modern ‘big government’ in America.”  No wonder Lincoln was a Hamiltonian, or why leftist lawyers have spent the past two centuries fine tuning the “Hamiltonian interpretation” of he constitution, which essentially says there is no constitution in the sense that it would impose any limits on governmental powers.  And no wonder that Hamilton is the new darling the Left, with that idiotic “rap” musical about him in New York plundering what seems to be every lefty in the country with thousand-dollar (and up) theater tickets.

I did manage to get the last word in on “Morning Joe,” saying right before the commercial break that “at least Aaron Burr had a good reason for shooting someone, unlike Dick Cheney.”


2:19 pm on September 17, 2017