New World Order Baits and Switches

Gary North is right about the long-term bait and switch operations that brought about the EU. We hope that Brexit spells its doom, that Brexit sticks and is not reversed, and that Brexit is just the beginning of the unraveling of the New World Order.

The New World Order means a world run by a distant bureaucratic, educated, intelligent and technocratic elite. This is an elite that makes the rules and laws on behalf of a deeper ring of actors behind it who move in a circle that comprises government, educational institutions, foundations/think tanks/non-profits, lobbyists, media and large corporations. Sovereignty, such as it is, rests with this elite in the New World Order (NWO).

The institutional forms of the NWO go through numerous changes in form and name, disguising its persistence. It has divisions and intra-NWO differences and rivalries that also disguise its being an overarching order and an overriding goal.

The NWO recruits people into its ranks without ever revealing itself as what it is but by offering substantial inducements and gratifications of wealth, power, security and the illusion of do-goodism. The movement is financed by its own successes in producing well-paid positions within its institutions that attract still more proponents, participants, believers and supporters. Internal debates are over what policies will best perpetuate and enhance the momentum of the NWO so as to make secure its rewards to those in its rank and file.

The concept of NWO integrates and explains the observed political behaviors, policies, activities and philosophies of a range of people and institutions over a relatively long period of time. Those who are “in it” or further it are participants, not members, as there is no single official or explicit NWO organization that one joins. People who “join” the effort do so for personal reasons and rewards. They need not be conscious proponents of the vision that we observe, surmise, extract or take to be an ideal NWO vision. They may even deny that such a concept is even applicable to them or anyone. This doesn’t change the fact that we can identify a cluster of explicit themes, drives, actions, and ideas that can usefully be characterized as a NWO concept.

The EU is one long-running manifestation of the NWO. “Free trade” that isn’t actually free trade has been the lure and bait by which political unification toward a monolithic global government (the switch) has been engineered.

The extension and expansion of the American military and of American economic interventions into foreign lands, including through NATO, sanctions and international monetary institutions has provided bait called national security, world security, world order, world prosperity and world democracy. These extensions and interventions are, however, fundamentally on behalf of elite power and privilege. This is a military bait and switch operation in which the switch is to military integration of national forces; control rests with the U.S. via its resource dominance and technological competence. The economic switch looks for uniform worldwide regulations in every important area such as intellectual property, environment, labor, taxation, finance, and capital.

These extensions have been actively promoted by leading neocons, such as in this recent set of proposals. For example, they suggest on the military side:

Underwrite credible security guarantees to NATO allies on the frontlines with Russia. Given recent Russian behavior, it is no longer possible to ignore the possible challenge to NATO countries that border Russia. The Baltics in particular are vulnerable to both direct attack and the more complicated ‘hybrid’ warfare that Russia has displayed in Ukraine.”

They suggest on the economic side:

Strengthen and modernize economic and resource cooperation. For all of Europe, west, east, and south, it is essential to pursue greater transatlantic economic integration and cooperation. Europe’s continuing energy dependence on Russia is a particular vulnerability. It will take time to reduce that independence, but that is all the more reason serious efforts should begin now. With this in mind, it is essential that the TTIP be successfully negotiated and approved both by the U.S. Congress and by the European Union.”

The authors of this document belong to the elite set that is promoting the NWO. They are

Kurt Campbell, Chairman and CEO of The Asia Group, LLC

Eric Edelman, former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, former U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, former U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Finland, and former Principal Deputy Assistant to the Vice President for National Security Counselor, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments

Michèle Flournoy, former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Co-Founder and CEO, Center for a New American Security

Richard Fontaine, former foreign policy advisor to Senator John McCain for more than five years. He has also worked at the State Department, the National Security Council and on the staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. President, Center for a New American Security

Stephen J. Hadley, former Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, Principal, RiceHadleyGates, former National Security Advisor

Robert Kagan, Senior Fellow, Project on International Order and Strategy, The Brookings Institution

James P. Rubin, former Asst. Secretary of State

Julianne Smith, former Deputy National Security Advisor to the Vice President, Senior Fellow and Director, Strategy and Statecraft Program, Center for a New American Security

James Steinberg, former Deputy Secretary of State, Dean and Professor of Social Science, International Affairs, and Law, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University

Robert Zoellick, former president of the World Bank, Senior Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Several of these are familiar neocon personages. Ms. Flournoy is rumored to be Clinton’s top choice for Secretary of Defense.

All of these people fit the template of a NWO circle of educated and intelligent people who seek and gain personal advancement through exercising power on behalf of policies that seek a U.S.-dominated global order managed by an elite that’s not accountable to anyone it rules but its own proponents and adherents. This may be regarded as good and moral by those who wield power within the NWO, but their being comfortable with their own consciences and believing in what they are doing is really beside the point.

The NWO is vulnerable on grounds that people not in a tiny elite lose their freedom under its banner, that global uniformity suffocates self-realization and humanity, that invention is thwarted, that gains are shifted to a small group, that instability and warfare are promoted, that privilege and favoritism result, and that the more that the entire NWO “project” increases and succeeds, the more totalitarianism that it imposes.

The candidacy of Trump is a sign of disenchantment with the NWO among a substantial number of Americans, although not widely identified as such or recognized as such by the broad electorate. The switch of Republicans to non-support of him and to active support of Clinton shows that both parties have been supporting the NWO. A Clinton win, which the prediction markets are predicting, will continue the NWO. Nevertheless, the signs of an anti-NWO movement have become visible. The battle needs to be joined in media with explicit recognition that there is a real battle going on and that the NWO is not a figment of the imagination of a conspiracy theorist.

Trump is well behind Clinton. He has little to lose and much to gain by making a campaign issue out of the NWO. He could clearly identify what it is by name, show what it is, make it an enemy, tell Americans that Clinton belongs to it and intends to perpetuate and further it, and tell Americans why it’s bad for them.

The concept of NWO provides a useful reality-based way of keeping track of a very real power struggle between two sides, pro-NWO and con-NWO.

The pro-NWO side has successfully associated the term NWO with a conspiracy theory. In keeping with that, Trump is being accused of conspiracy theories. He should thwart that accusation by enunciating clearly what the NWO is and why it’s bad. In order to do that, however, he’d have to purge his own campaign and ideas of the NWO thinking that he himself supports. He’d have to seek persons for his administration that are anti-NWO.

The word “conspiracy” is not definite enough to explain the reality. Bait and switch clearly indicates human agency, plot, machination, ruse, plan and trick engineered by some persons; and that’s a conspiracy. But NWO is also much more than a conspiracy.

The reality is more complex. Once an initial political policy is put into place and gains support, with benefits being attributed to it, even falsely, that policy can gain adherents who are purely self-interested. Policies can be fed into one main stream from several sub-streams. Thus, universities can become sites that train people and perpetuate ideas and policies; and that stream is joined to tax-supported military ideas and to politically-supported economic policies. Media can be co-opted and completely immersed in the reigning ideas so that opposition is overcome. The machinations of the NWO, in other words, take on a life of their own. The NWO becomes a torrent that immerses thought, so that it becomes the assumed framework of thought. It comes to be regarded as the moral basis for policies. This capacity to drown out independent thought and eliminate competing ideas from history is what makes the NWO strong and dangerous.

Certain powerful and conscious persons may continue to influence the course of events in conspiratorial fashion; but the NWO process will still develop rather spontaneously. The spontaneous market order is acknowledged by free market theorists; and without denying that individuals make it happen and yet do not control the emergent results. A spontaneous power order needs also to be acknowledged, and that’s what the NWO is. In this case too, the power order is driven by individuals whose powers are limited and who do not control the emergent results.

The power order that is the NWO rests on foundations that go back to the powers of the U.S. government. That’s the soil that fertilizes the growth of the NWO. The most fundamental attack on the NWO is to attack the powers of the U.S. government, an attack that either reduces those powers drastically or else circumvents them and stops them in some other ways. As long as there is powerful U.S. government, the movement toward its expansion and extension overseas, which is what the NWO is about, will continue.


10:32 am on July 1, 2016