Neocons Will Attempt To Resuscitate the Cadaver

The usual suspects unite, clenching their teeth in scorn of the people and seething with revenge.

Trough-dwellers all. But they’ll get plenty of money and plenty of coverage from the DMC (Dead [= Dem] Media Complex) – NYT and WP are already represented.

They worshipped Bush, yes, but that was mere manipulative pretense: they worship themselves.

BTW, a TSA Agent told me (at the airport in disgust) that Chertoff made billions with the naked-porn-passenger-scanner that didn’t work (but hey so what!!)

Rich Losers include (Hey – Where’s Richer Perle?):

George Will, Yuval Levin and Pete Wehner, Michael Gerson,  Bill Kristol, and Michael Chertoff.

Remember: They always lie, they always fail (but get plenty rich), and they never, ever apologize.


12:29 pm on November 6, 2016