Neo-Malthusian Antihumanism

The despicable and odious John Kerry has announced that there will be too many people around by mid century, and that is just not “sustainable.”  The good news is that Kerry probably won’t be around by then.  He’s probably a believer in the statement by the founder of “Earth First!” that “we can only hope the right virus comes along.”  But wait, we just had that, didn’t we?!

Until the 1960s the Marxist Left tried to sell communism in the name of “the people.” Then they reversed course and effectively said, “To hell with the people.  We’re for the bugs, worms, lizards, etc.  “Mother Earth,” in other words, so we must destroy the economy and kill off as many useless humans as possible to finally achieve communism.”  The Soviet and Chinese communists did an efficient job in terms of killing off a large chunk of the world population, and now communists-with-smirking-faces like John Kerry are calling for even more of that, not with firing squads, forced starvation, or setting entire regions on fire but with bioweapons and genetic engineering.


11:39 am on June 7, 2023