NATO: Time To Haul It To The Dump

Trump went over and scolded NATO member nations who aren’t paying their share into this scam. Okay, two things:

First, then why don’t we do what any other subscription-based company does? Cancel their subscription. Cut off their service, like the utilities would. Better still, let’s cut off our end of that deal. Then they can argue about it amongst themselves.

Second, the reason they’re not paying is because they’d rather spend that money on their own countries. Not some archaic defense alliance put together in the era that also brought us the Hula Hoop. Okay, got that? There are grandparents in NATO nations younger than this alliance. NATO members that do pay are sitting there slapping bumper stickers on tanks that say, “We’re Spending Our Children’s Inheritance”.

It’s time to scrap this clunker once and for all. The Soviets have been out of business since 1991. That was why NATO was created. Keeping it is like keeping a television tube tester in the lobby of the drug store. Or maintaining telegraph lines at taxpayer expense. Maybe we should check and see what we can get for NATO at an antique store. Or someone rent a trailer and take it to the dump. It’s taking up too much space.


1:30 pm on May 26, 2017