National Health Care Must Become More and More Totalitarian

Where is American health care now and where is it headed? Toward less choice by you and more control by bureaucrats. Toward more control by others over your body and life. Toward totalitarianism. This occurred in Germany. National health care in Germany, 1918-1945, is reviewed in this article.

The logic of national health care has to lead to more control by bureaucrats because its goals and poor incentives cause such high costs that the government seeks ways to control costs and decides how to ration medical services. Its control invariably will grow. In the name of health care, the government will decide who lives and dies, who gets an operation and who doesn’t, and who must wait. It may get into or deepen its control of diet, exercise, eugenics, sterilization, euthanasia, vaccinations, abortions, organs, and disease prevention. The government will want to control what you eat and drink, your sanitation, and any activity that has a risk that you may be injured or even exposed to something that might require medical attention. Activities such as pregnancy, sports activities or driving a car will all be fair game. Required procedures will be on the agenda of control. Since life is filled with risks, government activists use health and program costs as a wedge to gain control of personal lives and choices.


10:08 am on October 25, 2013