National Football League (NFL): More Plans to Plunder Local Taxpayers for the Benefit of Millionaire Players and a Billionaire Owner

The 2022 NFL season, having begun Thursday, moves full-steam ahead today.  The Chicago Bears, one of the NFL’s founding franchises, is considering changing its home stadium location from Chicago to Arlington Heights (IL).  Arlington Heights residents, for some reason, want the team but not to foot the bill for the team’s new stadium (68% oppose using public money to lure the team to town).  Adding injury to insult, some really uppity hoi polloi presented a petition to the Arlington Village Board asking it to consider an ordinance that would prevent the village from providing any kind of financial assistance to any corporation opening a location there.  The nerve!  Village officials assert that the ordinance would be “disastrous.”

The team, which ended last season with a 6-11 record, is projected by Sports Illustrated to finish this season with a record of 3-14.  Let the losing Bears stay at Soldier Field.


1:00 am on September 11, 2022