My Upcoming Public Speeches

Dear Friends:

See below for a list of my upcoming public speeches. If you live in these cities (Las Vegas, New Orleans, Auburn Al, NYC) or are visiting them while I’m there, please consider joining me at these events.

I never thought there could be an actual debate as a libertarian gathering concerning Murray Rothbard’s overwhelmingly excellent and magnificent contribution to our philosophy (it is not for nothing that he is properly known as “Mr. Libertarian), but, evidently, I thought wrong.

Another note: my friend Tim Moen, leader of the LP of Canada, has threatened to “spank” me in our debate.

1. Libertarian Party Annual Convention: June 30-July 3; New Orleans

Several talks. One introducing this new book of mine:

Nelson, Peter Lothian and Walter E. Block. Forthcoming, 2018. Space capitalism: the case for privatizing space travel and colonization. Palgrave Macmillan

Debate with my friend Tim Moen, leader of the Canadian LP: Would spanking children be illegal in the libertarian society?

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2. Freedom Fest: July 11-14; Las Vegas

Several presentations including: “Tough libertarian challenges: anarchism, immigration, abortion.”

Book signing for my Defending the Undefendable series: I, II and III, forthcoming

I’ll be on these two panels:

FREEDOMFESTSCHRIFT Murray Rothbard, Pro and Con
Hunter Hastings • Walter Block • Mark Skousen • Jeffrey Tucker

How High Is High? Does Marijuana Legalization Go Far Enough?
Jason Stapleton • Walter Block • Craig Bowden • Rebecca Gasca • Zoltan Istvan • Jeffrey Tucker

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3. Mises University: July 15-21, Auburn, Alabama

Fake Economic News.
The Case for Privatization – of Everything.
Ask Me Anything!

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4. Libertarian Scholars’ Conference, October 20, New York City

My topics:
Why the anti market bias of literature, novels, movies, plays?
The evil of political correctness

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October 20, 2018. Libertarian Scholars’ Conference. King’s College, 56 Broadway, NYC;;,1,ZeVviP3X0lf5_B7R980TunurGGK5AVm7lDtaSlvUQieTNZDBHbulLSw_KMZ6elHQPmX3xkmnOfL4Wa1I5hqOqci7cH-hxwmgCVuNc1sNYLr8ssZtFg,,&typo=1


6:14 pm on June 11, 2018