My Nominee for 2020 Malinvestment of the Year

An empty commercial building in my neighborhood was gutted about six months ago and then lots of construction work commenced.  Naturally, all the neighbors were curious as to what would be coming in to the new building.  My guess was yet another grossly-overpriced, tourist-trap, womens’ dress shop.  But no, finally a sign appeared on the front of the building announcing a new (tourist trap) restaurant that specializes in — get this — “Asian street food.”  They haven’t posted the menu yet, so I can’t tell you if they will be serving bats and snakes ala Wuhan.

The adventurous may dine there and then if they’re really risk takers, will head over the new (although filed for bankruptcy) IPIC theatre in town — my pick for malinvestment of the year last year.  (They have big leather couch seating and provide you with a blanket and pillows that they claim were cleaned since the last group used them). The building would make a good parking garage.


5:16 pm on April 8, 2020