MUST READ: Lew Rockwell, How to Return to the Gold Standard NOW

I’ve heard many arguments why we cannot or should not return to the REAL Gold Standard.

In this essential reading Lew Rockwell explains – very succinctly – three things:

* Why we MUST return to the Gold Standard.

* How we can return to the Gold Standard – PRACTICALLY.

* Importantly, Lew demolishes the common, but invalid, objections raised to returning to the Gold Standard, like, for one example, a need to increase the money supply.

Here’s a snippet that’s central to everyone’s more educated understanding:

“[Here’s]the great monetary lesson of classical economics: that the supply of money essentially does not matter.

Money performs its function by being a medium of exchange; any change in its supply, therefore, will simply adjust itself in the purchasing power of the money unit, that is, in the amount of other goods that money will be able to buy.

An increase in the supply of money means merely that more units of money are doing the social work of exchange and therefore that the purchasing power of each unit will decline.”

I urge you to read it HERE.

Highly Recommended


2:24 pm on April 1, 2024