Mueller and Company Collude to Destroy Trump

In terms of actually investigating anything worthwhile or accomplishing anything important to this nation, such as ridding us of crime, Robert Mueller and his Justice Department gang are a joke. They possess absolutely nothing that really matters in a criminal sense or is of any consequence to We the People. They are now reaching for obscure meetings, documents and e-mails. They are reaching for failures to report or report in a timely fashion. Their whole shtick is predicated on Russia having been some kind of enemy for years and years and years. Their premise is false, for they see evil via any contact with Russia, any lobbying for Russians or their views, reported or unreported. In their eyes, anything done by anyone that might conceivably have redounded to the credit of Russia or affected U.S. policy without making oneself out to be a foreign agent is worthy of investigation, indictment and prosecution.

This is a witch hunt, the aim being to wound, possibly mortally, the current Republican administration.

Mueller et al are colluding to destroy basic democratic processes in this country, which include elections and investing the winners with political power. In these terms, Mueller is a dangerous joke to those who are in his cross hairs. Mueller and company are colluding to destroy Trump.

In terms of anything of substance that relates to foreign influence, which is their bugbear, Mueller and company are a total diversion. They are a ruse. They divert attention to matters of no importance whatsoever. If our government had any serious interest in investigating foreign influence, it would be busy 24 hours a day.

Consider, for example, the case of Ahmed Chalabi. Here is a man with unquestioned great influence on U.S. politicians and policies. The influence he had was as harmful and criminal as it can get. He is one of the key persons whose lies led to the Iraq War. He was not the subject of official investigations by our government.

Our government and the electorate are constantly being influenced from many and diverse sources that are far more important in their impact than trivial meetings and e-mails that involved Donald Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner, or from handshakes and trivial banter at meetings and cocktail parties, none of which anyone recalls or kept records of.

The real crimes that pass as lobbying go unmentioned and uninvestigated. The U.S. supports Saudi Arabia in its war on Yemen. Saudi influence in Washington is huge. The Department of Justice doesn’t investigate arms sales to Saudi Arabia. That’s just business.


3:36 pm on November 24, 2017