The “media” have finally destroyed what tiny bit of credibility they had as a “news” source with their “coverage” of the government “shutdown.”  This of course is good news for all producers and  non-parasites in American society.  They have done so with their ridiculous claims all over tv and radio of a supposed “increasing backlash” against the “shutdown” of a few government offices.  Americans are experiencing “Frustration Coast to Coast,” shouts USA Today in the dumbest headline of the day.  Among the “horror stories” discussed are a woman who may have to postpone her “fantasy wedding” in a government-run park; a possibly cancelled marathon in New Jersey; various vacations in government-run parks; and a family that may have to delay “the dream of home ownership” for a few days.  Oh, the misery of the poor booboisie!

No one I’ve been around gives a crap.  No one is talking about it but the “media,” who are worse propagandists than any who worked for PRAVDA under Soviet communism.  This morning, for example, ABC News picked two or three parasites/public dole collectors to whine about how “upset” they were that government-run national parks thousands of miles away were shut down.  Then they covered the entire screen with Obombya’s mug and with his annoying, bellowing, preachy voice saying “the Republicans had better reopen the government.”  That’s the Official Party Line of the day, faithfully repeated in the title of a USA Today editorial:  “Blame for the Shutdown Falls Squarely on the GOP.”  Nice lapdog.  Nice lapdog.

This is all good, because it will hopefully lead to the same thing that eventually  happened in the former Soviet Union, namely, no one believed anything the government and its media propagandists ever said.  Once this becomes a reality, the days of the regime are limited.





8:38 am on October 2, 2013