Ms. Jenner Leaves His Past Behind

Lew, didn’t Jenner kill a woman on the Pacific Coast Highway this past February?

And then, just weeks later, suddenly declare himself a woman?

He must have one Hell of a PR guru!

Talk about a “social construct” – he has deconstructed Bruce the Killer and constructed a fictitious woman whom he knew that all the Usual Suspects would embrace and cheer… drowning out the tears of his victim’s family with their fatuous treacle.

Would that some retrograde feminist might raise her voice and say, “Hey, Paparazzi, I don’t care whether or not Jenner’s a woman, but what about the woman that he KILLED?”

By the way, no one appears to be interested, but that woman – the real one, now deceased – was Kim Howe.

Could it be that Jenner’s flaks constructed this gross canard cut out of whole cloth (h/t Justice Goldberg) to keep Brucie Boy out of jail?


8:15 am on July 23, 2015