Most Magnificent Video of the Year!

A hundred or so local business owners” gathered at “Athlete’s Unleashed, a local fitness center” in a suburb of Buffalo, New York, “to strategize where do they go from here with all the tyranical [sic] shutdowns.”

But then the “Erie County Sheriff’s Office escort[ing] the Erie County Health Department” showed up “in an attempt [to] harass and breakup the meeting.”

The serfs courageously stand their ground! They order the trespassers to leave, yelling “You’re not wanted here!,” asking the sheriff whether he had a warrant (“I don’t need one,” he retorts. Since when?), chanting “Get out! Get out! Get out!” and “We will not comply!”

Eventually, the sheriffs and the busybody from the Health Department leave the premises—but that’s not enough for some of our heroes. They follow them into the parking lot, commanding that they keep going to the road!

This clip is 6 minutes of absolutely thrilling defiance! Buffalo’s entrepreneurs prove peaceful rebellion is not only possible but successful when determined patriots resist despots. 

Thanks to Vinnie Terranova for sending this most heartening clip! 


6:10 pm on November 21, 2020