Morning Minion

Aside from a slam at the absent Pat Buchanan for being too old-fashioned, Morning Joe Scarborough’s main schtick today was going ga-ga over neocon Richard Stengel, managing editor of the nearly non-profit Time magazine. Oh grace us, Joe pleaded, with news of the cover story of your irrevelant mag, long a CIA house organ. Stengel brayed: “Afghanistan: The Right War.” This is the war, the chickenhawk told the other chickenhawks, that the US government must win (no definition). All praise to you, Richard, sang the adoring Joe, Mikka, and Willie. Never a thought, as usual in the empire’s media, that the Afghanis might not want to be ruled from DC to the applause of Time and MSNBC. Then Stengel announced that he had long essays from Obama and McCain in the no-ads magazine! Hosannah. In other words, two long campaign articles designed to offend no one and guaranteed to interest no one. And there will be similar articles every two weeks! Huzza, cried the sycophants. Then Stengel blared his own editorial, in favor of National Servitude for teenage Americans. They must be forced to work for the government, killing foreigners or as Junior G-Men, VA bedpan emptiers, stc. Oh, and Stengel also smirkily announced that polls show that Americans “are ready for bigger government,” since they realize that the present tiny federal State can’t run the economy or kill enough Muslims. Much appreciative yukking from the claque.


8:31 am on July 17, 2008