Moral Hazard and the Jab

There’s an old concept in economics called “moral hazard” (nothing to do with morality per se).  An example would be the effects of federally-subsidized flood insurance that encourages people to build beach houses right in the paths of hurricanes.  When a hurricane wipes out your beach house in a matter of minutes, the taxpayers are on the hook to build the same house, on the same spot, for you.  This encourages the building of more houses right on the beach, and therefore more, not fewer, housing disasters.

Or welfare, supposedly a stepping stone to financial independence.  If it’s generous enough it encourages welfare recipients to never seriously look for a job and never, ever, becoming financially independent of the state.  Or paying bartenders and others in their income category unemployment insurance that is more than they can make bartending, causing higher, not lower, unemployment.

I thought of moral hazard the other day at the grocery store when an obese, beer-bellied older guy in front of me in line whose clothing reeked of cigarette smoke was pontificating about the “vaccine.”  He and the chubby checkout clerk were talking loudly enough for everyone around to hear (on purpose) about  how proud they were that 98 percent of all the slaves in their town had taken the “vaccine,”  even many of the kids.  They had those moronic, morally-superior smirks on their faces.

Like most Americans who believe that they can become obese, drink too much, exercise too little, eat way too much junk food, and then go to the doctor for a magic pill when they get heart disease or diabetes, people like this think the jab will protect them forever from any virus.  The jab itself encourages them to continue with their slovenly, immune system-destroying lifestyles, guaranteeing more disease, more sickness, and earlier death.  This is the moral hazard effect of the experimental gene-altering/heart-attack/blood-clot/miscarriage-inducing drug mislabeled as a “vaccine.”  Big Pharma is legally immune from liability for its “vaccines,” so what do they care?




9:29 am on November 17, 2021