Militarized Vaccination Enforcement

The vaccination enforcers have knowingly, willingly, and intentionally created this environment of fearmongering and force.

The parents had ignored a doctor’s recommendation to take their 2-year-old to the hospital, saying their son’s fever had decreased.

So a militarized SWAT team full of ugly, shaved-head goons with plastic badges was sent in to break down the door and force their way into the home at gunpoint.

The three children in the home were taken into state custody where they will eventually be separated and fostered to strangers who, potentially, will abuse the foster system and/or abuse the children. Or just plain not give a snot about a stranger child placed into their custody. So what’s the reaction when this happens to the children of these hysterical anti-choice, pro-vaccination type citizen-enforcers for some other reason? This is what their crazed hysterics, hatred, and misunderstanding of vaccination choice/selection has brought us. To quote:

It could take months of hearings and DCS-mandated instructions before the parents regain custody of their children. Or maybe they never will.

Because these police officers are just regular good guys doing their job and following orders to keep you safe, and to protect and serve, right?


2:59 pm on March 29, 2019