Midnight Oil For Third Party Engine

Not a day goes by the Democrats aren’t burning the midnight oil demanding “25th Amendment”, not realizing the precedent that will set for it to be used against them later. And not one of them can answer this question: Okay, let’s say Trump is impeached. Then what? Okay? And THEN what?

Look, it’s a long way past November 2016. The Democrats said right after losing the election they needed to sharpen their pencils and see why they lost the Middle America and Rust Belt votes. Instead, they’ve been focusing on painting all of those people as ignorant hillbillies, gun nuts, and the Republican ISIS. Oh, sure, I bet that’ll convince them to vote for your guy in 2020! Did anyone remember BOTH parties screw everyone equally? That’s the one thing both parties agree on doing together.

There are Democrats who want to run Hillary again. Why not? After losing the 2008 primary and 2016 presidential election, maybe the third time is the charm. Others are saying run Nancy Pelosi. Yes, Ms. “You have to vote for the bill to see what’s in it!” Pelosi. Others say Elizabeth Warren. Really?

I think 2020 will never be a riper time for a third party to get in there. But some people better sit down and start burning the midnight oil on something BESIDES “Impeach Trump, we hate Trump, 25th Amendment, Russia stole our election, blah, blah, blah!” Others need to realize Trump is a stalking horse for another big payout to the defense industry which taxpayers will be robbed to pay for. Third party—start your engines!!!!!


2:02 pm on July 6, 2017