McCivil McWar—Not Yet…

About another civil war…I’ll pass, thanks. Be that as it may, we’re not there yet. Civil unrest, maybe. Small-scale domestic shooting attacks, perhaps. But any civil war, revolution, or secession will occur over economic reasons masquerading as political motives. That being, a revolt by states against federal leadership due to economic problems.

Look here. The American people like to fight over politics. But they’re not, as a whole, ready to see the entire place turn into Mogadishu, either. For one thing, too many people are attached to this “lifestyle” of TV, nonstop entertainment, consumerism, cheap junk food, cheap alcohol flowing everywhere like water, prescription painkillers, fast cars that make them feel like they’re going someplace important faster than anyone else, and the cheap gasoline to accomplish all of that plus endless shopping trips to buy more crap they don’t need. No large number of people will sacrifice that to take on a life of a bowl a rice a day and humping ammo up the Ho Chi Tea Party Trail.

Some of the causes and conditions for a number of states to secede are present. But there must first be an economic crisis that curtails and stops the critical population-controlling supplies of nonstop entertainment, cheap alcohol, junk food, cheap gasoline, and legal drugs. Those things are absolutely essential to the government to keep everyone plugged into the system.

Now, yes, I said here once that the United States will pass away. This is a truth of all things on this planet. But that won’t occur over Trump just as it did not over Obama. The decline IS economic and the passing away will also be economic. The decline is certainly not military. We have enough firepower to destroy the planet. The decline is not government. The government probably knows how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. But the economy, yes, that’s the house of cards here. And it is only held together by consumerism.

Once about 60% of the population is poor and cannot afford enough food, then we’ll see the states decide they need to do something quick. Which will be a de facto secession. But as long as people are plugged in, drugged up, drunk, and watching what Wall Street and the government wants them to see on TV, they will buy and do what they are told. Yes, the economy is going to crash. And that will be the thing that sets it all into motion. Not a renegade Bernie supporter with a rifle. This isn’t Archduke Ferdinand he shot.


12:47 pm on June 16, 2017