Maybe the Most Magnificent Tweet Ever!

The Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey, has racked up fines of over $1 million dollars, its owners have been arrested, its doors have been barricaded, and bureaucrats stripped its business license—all for defying Comrade Phil Murphy and his ludicrous “mandates.” The gym has not only refused to close, it has never required masks, “and we never will,” according to the gentleman telling us of the state’s persecution in the tweet’s video

But as thrilling as his pragmatic heroism is his grasp of liberty’s principles: “Free men don’t ask permission. Or forgiveness.”

Oh, wow, wow, wow! If you need encouragement as badly as I do today (thank you, Supreme Dorks, for completing the ruination of the country), watch the clip. Over and over and over until the tears run down your face at this sublime American spirit and devotion to liberty!


6:31 pm on December 12, 2020