Masks Part 3

Dear Gary:

No need to engage in pejoratives. Let’s have a nice friendly discussion about a complex issue.

Can you not think of ANY POSSIBLE CASE where it would be warranted to compel someone to wear a mask?

If not, your powers of imagination are different than mine; less off the wall. Yes, it is almost always impermissible to compel people to wear masks, and, certainly, in the present context, but it is not per se a violation of rights, at least not the way I understand libertarianism. What if not wearing a mask constitutes a deadly threat? Part the NAP is to proscribe threats.

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From: Gary Orlando

Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2020 7:51 AM

To: [email protected]

Subject: masking

has nothing to do with morals or libertarianism

It is simply wrong to put a mask on anyone including yourself

for the purposes stated by the authorities.

It is invalid from a scientific point of view.

It is invalid from a lawful view (invalid emergency powers)

And you are contributing to the subjugation of yourself and others

by complying.

and cowardly as well.

walmart does not REQUIRE IT

there are exemptions. for all thinking minds

who realize that free breathing is one of the exemptions


2:20 am on September 11, 2020