Masked DeWack 

Chaz Donovan in Ohio “won’t wear a mask.” He understands that doing so “is a symbol of submission to the State. It’s theatre.” So when Ohio’s fuhrer, Gov. Mike DeWack–sorry, DeWine, ordered serfs in 7 counties to muzzle themselves this week, our correspondent

informed the Governor on Twitter I would not be following his pieces of advice (that he pretends have the force of law). I’m in Hamilton County. I won’t wear a mask. Period. This is a mass experiment in social control, among other things. Another “conservative” Republican Governor. Conserving what, exactly? Most certainly not the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. 

DeWack is not only a little turd in sore need of a horsewhipping, he’s a slow learner. He tried this despotism once before; Ohioans defied him.

Meanwhile, a sheriff in one of the affected counties refuses to enforce this decree. And a heroic representative in the state’s legislature, Vito Natale, continues battling DeWack’s dictatorship; Natale advises Ohioans not to submit to testing for COVID19—which, in light of contaminated kits and a “positive” result  if the victim has ever suffered the common cold, is extremely sensible counsel in addition to its friendliness to freedom. Ironically, Natale, who’s more libertarian, is ostensibly a Rethuglican, as is DeWack, who’s actually a totalitarian. 

Nor is Natale DeWack’s only problem: Rethuglicans throughout Ohio are excoriating him. Hopefully, some are heating the tar while others fetch feathers.


9:44 am on July 9, 2020