Marxist Demo-Bolshevik Party Spits in the Faces of American Christians

By getting their senile puppet Brandon to declare Easter Sunday to in reality be “Transgender Visibility Day,” one of more than 50 “LGBTQOIA2S” special days of celebration declared by the Demo-Bolsheviks.  In addition, during the annual children’s Easter egg painting contest at the White House the Demo-Bolsheviks instructed the children to NOT include any religious symbols on the eggs.  One assumes that pornographic images and drag queen mug shots would be ok though.

The Jewish Marxists who fled Nazi Germany and came to America to found the “cultural Marxist” movement clearly stated that their dream of a communist Europe was blocked by the popularity there of Christianity, the traditional family, and the institutions of Western civilization in general.  They spent the rest of their lives trying to destroy all of these things with relentless academic criticisms and the brainwashing and indoctrination of college students.  Their political descendants are very visibly carrying on with their civilization-destroying mission.


10:52 am on April 1, 2024