Marxism 101

America’s mis-educated youth (aka college students) are being taught in their socialist indoctrination academies (“higher” education) that it is OK to steal someone’s car, burn down his house, etc., etc., because “he has insurance.”  This is a first:  Marxist indoctrinators actually saying something positive about insurance companies.

This is classic Marxism:  Economic ignorance on stilts combined with violence, criminality, and rampant amorality and nihilism.  The academic Left, which totally dominates the university world, is composed of insufferably sanctimonious communists who are thoroughly fraudulent and incapable of rational thought.  Hatred of just about everything about America is their muse.  That is what “cultural Marxism” is all about.  Their “critical theory” is not about thinking critically and logically and using facts in their analyses, but simply denouncing all aspects of capitalism, constitutionalism, private property, the civil society, religion, and Western civilization in general.  They think this will pave the way for their communist utopia at last.  They have produced millions of graduates in their image.  That of coure is why so many of them are protesting the fact that parents can sit in on their zoomed lectures now that so many universities have gone all online.  I say this after having spent 41 years as a university professor.  (Thanks to Jerome Barber for the video link).

UPDATE:  Clay H. writes that as he was searching around for information on student protest movements he ran across a book entitled “Steal This Book” by the 1960s campus communist clown Abbie Hoffman and downloaded it.  It appears to be a “How to” book about instigating riots.  In a section subtitlted “Trashing,” Clay shares the following paragraph from the commie clown’s book:

“. . . young people have been ready to vent their rage over Amerika’s inhumanity by using more daring tactics than basic demonstrations.  There is a growing willingness to do battle with the pigs in the streets and at the same timeto inflict property damage.  It’s not exactly rioting and it’s not exactly gurerrilla warfare; it has coe to be called ‘Trashing.’  Most trashing is of a primitive nature with the pigs having the weapon and strategy advantage.  Most trashers rely on quick young legs and a nearby rock.  By developing simple gang strategy and becoming acquainted with some rudimentary weapons and combat techniques, the odds can be shifted considerably.”

This sounds exactly like the tripe in the book that both Obama and Hillary Clinton claimed to have been their political “bible,” “Rules for Radicals” by Chicago commie rabble rouser Saul Alinsky.  They are both handbooks for “trained Marxists,” as the founders of Black Lives Matter describe themselves.


7:48 am on August 30, 2020