Mark Warner: Go Away

Elizabeth Warren as presidential hopeful: Go away. Mark Warner, as another presidential hopeful: Go away, too.

It doesn’t take much observation of the thinking of these sitting senators who covet the Oval Office of the White House, to see that they are way out of step with libertarian thinking. This means that they do not value freedom and property rights. It means that if they ever become president, they’ll likely inflict needless pain on Americans and take the country down.

Warner a week ago “…led a charge threatening new regulation of social media companies who cannot stop bad actors from using their platforms.” His staff had produced a paper advocating regulation of the media companies. This would have to create government regulate of communications and their delivery. This is bound to involve government control of speech in some ways. This would set precedents for further control. Such regulations would chill speech. They’d surely lead to regulations of speech on platforms other than social media companies.

Warner’s assumption is that Americans cannot handle speech themselves, or that freedom doesn’t suffice, or that we need the wisdom of the Warrens and the Warners, the Pelosis and the Schumers, the McCains and the Grahams, to establish allowable speech. Yes, we need accomplished scoundrels and two-faced politicians to set up communication rules for us.

In another action that shows us his colors, Warner writes “I will be introducing an amendment next week to block the President from punishing and intimidating his critics by arbitrarily revoking security clearances. Stay tuned.”

Warner is aligning himself fully with Brennan’s story line. He claims Trump has acted to silence his critics and to divert attention from collusion investigation troubles. Warner and Brennan are both inventing these purported Trump motivations. They make no sense, however. There being no evidence that has been produced against him, we can say that Trump never colluded with Russians concerning his run for the White House and never accepted money from Russians. How stupid would he have to be to have done that? There is no evidence of any kind that shows he can be blackmailed by them.

If Trump wanted to silence Brennan, he surely has failed. Brennan has heightened his attacks. Silencing Brennan was not Trump’s objective either, as Warner and Brennan charge. The context of Trump’s action is Brennan’s abuse of power and role in the anti-Trump soft coup. It is Brennan’s being an impediment to Trump’s power to carry on the foreign policy he has been elected to carry out.

Warner really must know better. It seems that he, known as a centrist Democrat, has suddenly jumped in against Trump. He senses advantage or blood. He thinks he has found some issues to gain ground for himself in his presidential ambitions. His opportunism is on display. In joining with Brennan, Warner assumes the mantle of a vindictive hatred of Trump. Stirring the pot of hatred as a means of gaining power is not even in his own interest. It shows a weakness of moral character and judgment. Warner and his ilk should all go away. They do not represent what is best in us.


8:35 pm on August 18, 2018