Lying Hillary

A solid thirteen minutes of Hillary Clinton doing a Bill Clinton imitation — lying through her teeth — is making the YouTube rounds.  Some people like our friend Murray Sabrin say it’s “devastating,” and it would be to anyone who knows nothing about the Clintons.  But to the socialist left, which includes almost all of the “mainstream media” (which has nothing in common with mainstream America), Hillary’s lies are absolutely meritorious.  This is because a defining characteristic of a socialist is belief that the ends justify the means– the opposite of traditional morality.  To your typical MSNBC talking head commie the more lies the better, if they’re told by a really good liar, like Bill Clinton.  Hillary is not quite as good at it as Bill, but that won’t matter to the media.  They not only ignore all the lies, but actually cheer her on as they do everything they can to help her lie her way into the White House — including the spreading of a new round of lies every day during her campaign.


8:25 pm on May 19, 2016