Love It When the Corporate Media Unwittingly Tells the Truth!

You may recall that a few months ago, the TSA in Denver fired two of its perverts because they were “groping men.” As Dorothy Parker asked when “Silent” Cal Coolidge died, “How could they tell?” Indeed, since the TSA has elevated sexual assault to official federal policy, who and what determines which predators are protecting travelers and which are molesting them?

At any rate, Denver’s “prosecutors have declined to file charges” against the deviant duo. Noooooo, really? “’We were either unable to corroborate the victims’ claims with any additional facts or evidence or prove specific incidents could have been committed,’ Lynn Kimbrough, spokeswoman for the city’s district attorney’s office, said…” And no wonder, per my comments above. But catch this: “Prosecutors ruled out some of the reports [from passengers who said the TSA’s goons had pawed them] because they happened after the two workers were fired.”

Whoa! So the gate-rape continues unabated, just with different assailants. Nice to have the corporate media admit as much.


1:07 pm on July 9, 2015