Our Own Little Germany, In The Nation’s Capital

In Germany’s major cities, gangs of “immigrants” terrorize crowds with impunity. Identifying assailants is dangerous (“You Islamophobe!”) and rare. When one Afghan rapist was identified at the detention center where he lived, German police said “kommt nichts daraus” – nothing will come of it. When the victim insisted he be charged, the court punished him severely: they moved him to another detention center.

So now gangs of “youths” routinely terrorize crowds of pedestrians in Washington, DC, knowing that they will not be identified, caught, or charged. And the police admit as much. (Note: these attacks are taking place in DC and Maryland, both of which prohibit concealed carry. No such incidents have been reported in Virginia, where concealed carry is legal and widely practiced).


9:19 am on June 27, 2017

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