They Lied To Us AGAIN—For Our Own Good, Of Course

The federal government’s National Weather Service warned that a storm of monumental proportions would strike New York City yesterday:

According to the National Weather Service, Tuesday’s blizzard will ultimately consist of two larger storm systems — which have merged together into one. The end result is “a very strong winter storm that could be life-threatening for those who do not pay attention to safety precautions Tuesday morning,” the agency said.

And so, long before the first flakes fell, private and governmental entities were announcing closures—so many that, in effect, the entire city shut down. The costs in lost productivity (for the private sector only, of course; we can only wish every day were a snow day for Our Rulers), opportunity, etc., are incalculable but as staggering as the storm was supposed to be.

Except a mere 7” of snow fell. And no blizzard.

Forecasting isn’t an exact science, and predictions are wrong more often than they’re right.

But what happens when bureaucrats deliberately lie about an issue affecting this many people?

On the eve of Tuesday’s Winter Storm Stella, the National Weather Service got reports that its dire prediction of up to 2 feet of snow for New York City may have been exaggerated — but decided not to change its forecast. …

…they decided to continue forecasting deep snow, claiming that they didn’t change their forecast for fear people would mistakenly think the storm was no longer dangerous.

Moral of the story: the government lies about everything, all the time. Second, why does the National Weather Service even exist? Where does the Constitution enumerate “Predict and lie about weather” as one of the feds’ powers?


4:38 pm on March 15, 2017