Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson Thinks There’s a Good Case for Banning Cigarettes

From Ben Birnbaum’s profile of Johnson in today’s Politico:

There had also been an eye-opening moment on the streets of Cleveland during the Republican National Convention, when [Johnson and I had] been walking behind a cigarette-wielding Ohioan. As the smoker’s exhaust wafted in our faces, I remarked offhand that—with the advent of e-cigarettes—I thought there was a good libertarian case for banning regular cigarettes. “I do too,” replied the health-obsessed triathlete, recounting his support for anti-smoking efforts in New Mexico.

You go, Gar! Right up there with Bush’s “libertarian” sunset ban of incandescent light bulbs. If it’s one thing that needs stopping, it’s people freely deciding via the market as that’s downright unlibertarian! [/sarcasm]

I like the Gar appellation.  Churn out those memes!



8:57 pm on September 16, 2016