Lew Was Right About PC

Cato is out with a new study correctly positing that political correctness is a problem in America after all. It turns out that people really do censor themselves, and worse, due to fear of being discovered to hold unauthorized thoughts.

For decades many libertarians told us that PC was no big deal, that it was about respect and concern for the viewpoints of others, and that it represented a largely benevolent  (though sometimes excessive) attempt to build a more inclusive society. People like Lew Rockwell who attacked PC were being alarmist and crankish, just like people who rail against nebulous concepts like “cultural marxism.” Language evolves, after all, and what’s so wrong about being nice? PC is not a libertarian issue, they insisted, but purely a cultural matter that  poses no threat to freedom.

In fact, and LRC has led the charge on this, PC was ALWAYS a concerted attempt to change the way people think, feel, speak, and (thus) act. It was always about controlling and molding people, and it was always state driven through the nexus of government agencies, NGOs, and government universities.

Average people do not want to live in a PC “gotcha” society. PC was never a natural evolution of thought and language, but a deeply illiberal top-down imposed scheme– as Lew and LRC readers have always known.


11:33 am on November 3, 2017