Leviathan’s Response to Utter Failure: “Investigate” the “Leaker”

You might think that failing to find 95% of the fake contraband the TSA’s “Red Team” of undercover agents sneaked through its checkpoints would convince even Our ridiculously stupid Rulers of what we serfs have known all along: the TSA absolutely begs for abolition.

Alas, no. Congress actually huddled earlier this week trying to fix the unfixable. I’ve read only extracts of their plotting, not the whole transcript, but I’ll eat my hat–no, worse: I’ll vote in the next election–if the A-word appears anywhere in it.

Meanwhile, the closest the bozos came to a solution was when the Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General announced, We have started an investigation to determine where the leak was.” Yeah, that oughta convince all the traveling “moms” that nothing gets past the pervs stealing their shampoo.

I call it NSA-itis. Don’t fret over the systemic, blatant, unconquerable and unConstitutional problems that riddle your sorry bureaucracy; fret instead that your own documents prove what the taxpayers funding the whole charade have long suspected–and that those docs are now available to the public that paid for them: I was as disturbed as anyone that this information got into the media,” the IG lamented.  Thus did he herald the hunt for the whistleblower, as if Mr. W instead of the bureaucrats is the criminal.

Several other notable quotes emerged from this Confab of the Mental Pygmies. “’What we’re doing clearly isn’t working,‘ said Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wis.).” Marvel with me that it took Ron only 14 years to catch on to the painfully, unavoidably obvious. “We need to think outside the box,” he added. Yo, Ron: see comments above about “abolition.”

And the Mad Hatter-sorry, the IG opined, “We remain deeply concerned about [the TSA’s] ability to conduct its core mission.”

Oh, I assure you, so do we.


1:22 pm on June 12, 2015

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