Leviathan Performs Down To Its Usual Standards

I can’t seem to access any news these days without bumping into yet another sob-story about shortages of The Vaccine That Isn’t:

The push to inoculate Americans against the coronavirus is hitting a roadblock: A number of states are reporting they are running out of vaccine, and tens of thousands of people who managed to get appointments for a first dose are seeing them canceled.

I laugh each time I read these laments. What else would we expect when incompetent bureaucrats and politicians are in charge of “distribution”? The market makes such things look easy, doesn’t it, Leviathan? And yet, you fail every time you try to provide either goods or services. Yeah, lookin’ at you, Post Office: Christmas cookies hit my mailbox two days ago that a friend had mailed December 18th after paying $8.30 for third-day delivery. She sent my father a box as well; same story.

Indeed, the USPS is such a joke that even Amazon, a huge crony, fields its own fleet for shipping. And yet moronic Marxists rely on government as a conduit for their indispensable vaccine.


10:49 am on January 23, 2021