Let’s Rename the TSA “The Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, John Conyers, and Bill Clinton Agency”

Says a writer for the pro-Leviathan Federal News Radio, “All of the sexual abuse and harassment news made me think of Alyssa Bermudez, the Army veteran and former Transportation Security Administration employee. … she’s been fighting TSA over both sexual harassment and whistleblower retaliation for complaining about it.”

Your Intrepid Reporter has been musing along similar lines—but not because one of the TSA’s whores can’t take what she dishes out. Rather, I’m wondering about the hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of passengers the TSA’s deviants have traumatized over its 16 miserable years, such as these victims, this one, and more. Anyone for a class-action lawsuit?


3:19 pm on December 4, 2017