Less Tyrannical Ohio?

Will the Buckeye State soon return to the usual tyranny under which Americans suffered pre-plandemic? 

Joe O’Donnell thinks so, based on two stories he sent me: yesterday, a state representative

announced she will be introducing legislation that removes the statewide mask mandate in Ohio.

“Sixteen states currently do not have a statewide mask mandate,” said [Jena] Powell

[a Republican, in case you couldn’t guess. Not that Rethugs aren’t sociopaths, but they aren’t as keen on COVIDCon as the Dims].

“These states are thriving economically, mentally, and emotionally.”

Punching a second hole in Ohio’s shamdemic wall is “U.S. Senate candidate and former state Treasurer Josh Mandel,” who’s “calling on Governor Mike DeWine [also a Rethug, so he’s facing pressure from members of his own party] to immediately remove Ohio’s mask mandate and lift other COVID-19 restrictions.

A statement issued Wednesday by Mandel called on DeWine to:

  • Remove statewide mask mandate
  • Remove all restrictions on businesses including capacity limits
  • Require that all schools open for in-person instruction
  • Re-open Ohio

“Mike DeWine and [Ohio’s former “Health Director”] Amy Acton have done a horrible job handling the COVID response and completely trampled on the freedoms, liberties, and livelihoods of everyday Ohioans. Today I call for Ohio to fully re-open and allow Ohioans to get back to work, get their kids back to school, and remove our statewide mask mandate,” Mandel said.

If you know anything about DeWack, you won’t be surprised that “A spokesman … said … the governor had no immediate plans to change his mask order.”

Nope: not until outraged Ohioans come after him with a pillow and a bucket of tar. 

How sad that only a handful of Patriots such as Joe O’Donnell have defied this dictator! If DeWack repeals his despotism, he’ll do so only because politicians, rather than an uprising of infuriated serfs, forced him to. 


9:52 pm on March 5, 2021

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