Leaping to Conclusions

Although this administration has no authority to launch cruise missiles on Syria, that won’t stop Obama if he decides to do it. An anonymous high White House official is reading from a script that calls for an attack. Officials are blaming Assad for the attack, yet in the same breath they are also denying that the UN inspectors can prove it. This is called having your cake and eating it too. They claim knowledge while also claiming that it cannot be verified by evidence. Yet the knowledge they claim to have is only one of several possibilities and nothing is lost, if one wants to hone in on the truth, by attempting to gather evidence.

When I read this news item, I was shocked at the flimsiness of it as a justification for the US to attack Syria. What the nation’s political leaders are saying is so irrational, so superficial, so hasty and so ill-considered. I feel as if the country is being run by people lacking in stability of temperament, emotional control, judgment, patience, experience, understanding and maturity. I don’t think they understand how to do good via neutrality. They are men of power, action, and intervention, who do not understand the consequences of their actions.

They seem to have made up their minds and now do not want to be bothered by anything that might possibly paint a different picture. Let’s hope that there is still time left to arrive at a different decision than overtly entering another war.


11:56 am on August 25, 2013