Laura Ingraham Bashes the Same George W. Bush She Slobberingly Cheered On for 8 Years

One of Dubya’s most dogmatic cheerleaders from 2000-2008, who once memorably declared that Mitt Romney was “the conservative’s conservative,” now decides, after all her promotion of them, that the Bushes aren’t conservative after all. This on the heels of her new book chronicling an alleged “Populist Revolution from Reagan to Trump.” Reagan a populist along the lines of Trump?  Orwell, were he still alive, might be surprised but not shocked.  Conserva-celebrity pundits.  What a bunch of shameless, confabulating liars.

And interesting to learn that Obama took a “wrecking ball to America’s [i.e., her erstwhile hero Bush’s]” foreign policy [00:30].  Wow.  If only.


5:11 pm on February 9, 2018