Latest Virus Resurrected From The Fear Basement: Yellow Fever

Recently I saw an article, “Long-Forgotten Virus Could Return, US Is Not Prepared: Researchers” (The Epoch Times, 24 Oct 2023)

I reached out to Drs Sam & Mark Bailey, shared the article and said, “They’re really digging deep in the basement for new ways to scare people now with Yellow Fever, of all things.”

Mark got back to me and said they’d already been working on a video on this – and here it is.

What’s particularly interesting about the “Dreaded Yellow Fever” is it’s said to be caused by the FIRST ever human “virus” claimed to be isolated in 1927.

But was it actually isolated?

Drs Sam & Mark Bailey take you step by step through the history and scientific evidence – providing 12 excellent references along the way – showing Yellow Fever is yet another false virus story from those selling FEAR when there’s really nothing behind the curtain.

All you need do is Open The Curtain – and look, HERE:

Highly Recommended. (20min)


7:38 am on November 9, 2023