Korean War

Justin Raimondo’s powerful revisionist critique of the enduring Cold War mythology concerning the Korean War was brilliantly executed and researched. It reminded me of the above episode of the 1994 post-Cold War BBC/PBS documentary series, Messengers From Moscow, entitled “The East Is Red,” which dealt with the little-known covert back story dealings of Stalin, Mao, and Kim Il-sung regarding the conflict. The series was sponsored by a wide variety on neocon foundations and think tanks, and for the most part is the standard Cold War boiler plate. The one major concession to revisionist truth is the destruction of the myth of monolithic communism. The film demonstrates from the beginning the great distrust and envious power rivalry these murderous thugs had for each other, and carries this central theme up to the Sino-Soviet Split and the Chinese utter hatred for Khrushchev as Stalin’s successor as leader of the world communist bloc instead of Mao.


5:51 pm on July 30, 2013