Kamala Harris Leads the Pack

Kamala Harris is at 19 cents on Predictit in the 2020 Democratic nominee contest. Beto has slipped to second place at 18 cents. He’s been making a fool of himself. Harris has kept quiet, which avoids making mistakes.

Such a small move up, so unsure a status and so early in the process, one may wonder why to mention it. It’s because Harris has a number of things going for her within Democratic circles. She’s female. Her mother is Tamil Indian, her father Jamaican. She’s a senator from California. Before that she was in law enforcement as Attorney General and District Attorney. Her positions are progressive and socialist; they’ll satisfy Democrats.

Unless Harris blunders, she stands a good chance of securing the nomination. This is why she has consistently been placing second in the Predictit race right behind Beto and now leads.


9:41 am on January 17, 2019