Just wondering

The “signer” at Mandela’s funeral and US government experts testifying before Congress on Afghanistan have a lot in common.  Both were scheduled in advance, both knew what was expected, had time to prepare, and should have been competent.   At least the guy in South Africa recognized the problem when he was called on it — he has schizophrenia and was having hallucinations, in other words, it was biological.  The whole world is in horror at the signer’s “subterfuge,” and yet we ho-hum the blatant horrific incompetence and abject carelessness of a D.C. government that is spending $7 Billion per month in one remote country for no good reason except to save face for fellow D.C. bureaucrats, and to sustain the hate.   Ambassador James Dobbins, Michael Dumont, Defense Department’s deputy assistant secretary for Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia, and Larry Sampler, from USAID’s Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs have gone back to their offices to scream at their staffs.  I mean seriously, how were they to know they’d be asked the cost of war in blood and treasure.  No one told them that would be on the test.  In another era, these appointees — much as happened to fake-signer Thamsanqa Jantjie — would be immediately fired and their employer put out of business and disgraced.  But the real truth is exactly as we suspected.  No one in the US government cares one whit about what this war (or any war) costs in money and lives.  For we the people (and a Congressman intending to do no more than set the stage with a softball) to actually pose such a question to high ranking government stooges is so beyond the pale, they justifiably were not ready for the question.  Excuse me while I barf.


7:15 pm on December 12, 2013