It’ll Be a Real Riot . . .

. . . if the supreme court strikes down Roe v. Wade today, as is rumored.  Or whenever.  Literally a real riot(s).  It’s what the Left does.  They are permanent two-year-olds.  Think of the worst tantrum by a two-year-old you’ve ever seen, give the kid another 100-150 pounds and a couple of feet in height, give him a molotov cocktail or two, a bullhorn, lots of matches, bricks, water bottles filled with urine, lots of rocks to throw, face masks, riot helmets, and lots and lots of signs declaring his everlasting devotion to peace, love, and social justice, and opposition to violence and fascism and there you have it — the military wing of the Democrat party.


6:53 am on May 23, 2022