ISIS Attack In Manila?

News is reporting gunfire and explosions at a resort in Manila, Philippines. Photos show cops with M-16s all over the place. Must be ISIS again. The day after the Brits said the guy in the Manchester bombing attack appears to have acted alone. Well, yes, they DO act alone—that’s the whole theory behind a “classic” terrorist cell. The cell is three people at the most and no one knows what the other cells are fixing to do.

See, these attacks generally happen in a series far enough apart so they appear random. But military snipers, usually, never fire from the same “hide” twice. They shoot and scoot. So, same tactic, it makes sense that terrorist cells will probably launch an attack in one country and the next will be some other country. None of them can give up intel if captured because they simply don’t know what the other cells are planning. You might catch the bagman, bombmaker, and paperwork forgers associated with an attack that occurred, but they can’t tell you what the other cells are up to as far as impending attacks. Not even the higher-up cadre knows.

This is a non-state entity capable of hitting anyone anywhere at anytime. People need to unstuck their heads and wake up to that reality.



2:21 pm on June 1, 2017