Is This All They Have, Their Only Game?

Ever since Trump won, the Democrats have played their game in the political arena; and no matter who wins next, the fact is that their game has been revealed for all to see, leading to astonishment.

Is this all they have? Is this all they are? Is this their only game? What’s inside these people? The answers are not pretty. Whether we take Democrats to be its major politicians, its Hollywood representatives, its news people or its social media tyrants, everywhere there is nothing there but bitterness and ugliness. There are crime and corruption, ridiculous judges and even more ridiculous prosecutors There are power-hungry totalitarians snarling at anyone who stands in their way. What do they have except incredibly empty pap and slogans? They have absolutely no game except the dark winter that Biden promises, and they play it in the most joyless, graceless ways they can think of. They promise the naggy state, continual complaints, pestering everyone to wear masks.

They spew vitriol habitually. They lie habitually. They hate any Americans who disagree with them. They are corrupt. They despise the constitutional arrangements, being ready to twist them and overturn them so as to implement their mass bribes and buy the votes of identity groups whom they erect and also despise.

Democrats cry out for revenge when they lose a fair fight within constitutional rules. They threaten the opposition and all Americans with “not forgetting”. The tyrants at Google and Twitter and Facebook, lacking all respect for anything remotely resembling a fair election based upon unfettered conversation choose to tailor the conversation, cutting and snipping it to fit their versions of truths. Is this their only game? Is this their promise? Totalitarian “speech” cut to fit one size and one shape?

Is this a party whose character and methods represent what Americans want others to think is a worthy democratic model? Is American democracy nothing but a dirty and vile game, a system to be gamed?


7:06 pm on October 27, 2020